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Pop Up Productions began in 2020 when most theaters were shut down due to Covid-19. Performers everywhere struggled with how to express themselves and perform safely. Our Founder, Justin Lapeyrouse, used his stimulus check to do what no other Northshore theater would, and start online performances where actors and audiences could perform and watch LIVE theatre from the safety of their own homes.
We believe in a collaborative approach to theater that engages multiple art mediums. Partnering with other artists to reach a broader audience is always our approach. There is so much more to theater than just putting on a show. Theater has the power to propel an audience to another world or time and escape their troubles while also helping them learn more about themselves in the process. This is what makes theater an art form. How we collaborate with multiple artists and mediums to build a piece of art that directly speaks to our community is one of the many things that makes Pop Up Productions unique.
We also point our focus on shows that will start a discussion amongst audiences and the community. We believe theater should be entertaining, challenging, and enlightening for everyone. Live productions have a way of speaking from the heart and we promise to never lose the heart of our work, our community.
We believe our artists and performers deserve to have a platform from which they can share their creative and innovative works. Our goal is to provide our audiences an artistic and emotional experience they won’t forget. Check out our upcoming performances and buy your tickets today.

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